Expertise for general manager

Through a pragmatic approach based on the understanding of your business, we help you develop new opportunities in the aeronautics and aerospace sectors. We use our in-depth knowledge of these sectors, their needs, investment priorities and prospects to help you grow your business faster and improve your margins and results.

Identify and develop strategic partnership

With 90 years of cumulated experience in the aerospace and energy sectors, our perfect knowledge of the French, European and international industrial fabric allows us to identify and develop strategic partnerships to adapt your company to the evolution of markets and future technologies in line with major societal challenges.

Fund raising and financing

Additional funds can help you to develop your business and your company on a permanent basis. Thanks to our extensive contacts within French private and institutional investment funds as well as our perfect knowledge of the eligibility criteria we can help you raise the capital that meets your needs.

M&A sell side

Sell an activity or its business by optimizing value. With our in-depth knowledge of the stakes and strategies of the aerospace and aeronautics industries, we optimize the value of your activity or your company, we accelerate the sale.

M&A buy side

Acquiring the right company today is a great way to grow quickly and prepare for success tomorrow. Our in-depth understanding of the aerospace and aeronautics industry markets, the challenges of their digital transformation, the 4.0 industry and strategic activities offers you the strategic opportunities to develop your business with strong positions.